The Simplest Way to Merge More than One Object In An Array – (PHP-Laravel)

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The easiest way to merge more than one object in an array is to convert the objects to array. code shown below:

 $array = [
    {'animal'=>'Dog', 'country'=>'Nigeria'},
    {'company'=>'Oregsideas', 'system'=>'laptop'}

 $data = [];
 foreach($array as $arr)
    array_push($data, collect($arr)->toArray());

It’s a very bad practice to use foreach/while/for loop with an array merge function to convert array of arrays because it’s a performance killer on the memory part.

Since PHP 5.6, there is a new operator : the Spread Operator

$array = [
   ['animal'=>'Dog', 'country'=>'Nigeria'],
   ['company'=>'Oregsideas', 'system'=>'laptop']

print_r(array_merge([], ...$array));

//Print Preview
$array = [
    'animal'=>'Dog', 'country'=>'Nigeria', 
    'company'=>'Oregsideas', 'system'=>'laptop'

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Segun Oregunwa

Segun Oregunwa

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